Did you know that 79% of millenials see mentoring as a crucial to their career success (Huffpost). Given the impact of Covid19, we are heading into a global recession, with an estimated 1 in 10 people losing their jobs or being asked to reskill. This is one reason why the LMF mentoring scheme was launched and is carrying on to our second programme.

This article will cover our current process, key learnings, how to get involved as a mentor or mentee, future progression of the scheme and data based benefits to our pledged partners.

What is the LMF mentoring programme?

The LMF mentorship programme, is a comprehensive 6 month multimedia programme to provide supportive relationships, opportunities and tools to achieve one’s career goals. Covering topics from goal setting, personal branding to CV & interview skills and public speaking. …

By Gaelle Couberes (LMF community member)

Rise purposefully to shine through the day

Easier said than done, right?

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Did you know that creating daily routines can positively impact
your mental health as well as your sleep?

Rituals ground you by creating predictability and comfort. They are a reassuring signpost which creates a state of ‘flow’, so your mind can adjust to whatever the day throws at you.

As we are starting yet another odd year, we have spoken to some of our like-minded female friends and collated their favourite tips to help you ‘channel your inner light’.

What is your daily routine?


At LMFnetwork, Sunday evenings are for planning.

We look at the week ahead with intention and write down what success looks like for us that week. Then, mindfully, we divide our weekly goals into daily objectives both personal and professional. Notepads, flipcharts, cork boards, bathroom mirror for daily mantras… anything fun will do to stay disciplined. Every morning, either before getting out of bed or as we sip our coffee, we visualise how we want to feel through the day (high energy, slow, quiet…) and any potential obstacles that might arise (a difficult meeting, childcare challenges…) so we feel ready to overcome them. …

(LMF programme 2020 wrap up)

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Did you know that 79% of Millenials see mentoring as crucial to their career success (Huffpost).

Given the impact of Covid19, we are heading into a global recession, with an estimated 1 in 10 people losing their jobs or being asked to reskill. This is one reason why the LMF mentoring scheme was launched and is carrying on to our second programme. [Sign up to the 2021 programme here]

This blog will provide you with a summary of what was discussed in our last December webinar titled “The Importance of Professional Mentoring.”

During the workshop, the mentors and mentees discussed their experiences, explicitly answering three questions…

2021 is a big year to create impact! We’d love for you to join us as a volunteer to support our programme. Please email hello@lmfnetwork.com for more information and next steps.

Operations & Events assistant (x2)

  • Support on the administrative tasks associated with events and programmes
  • Work closely with mentoring scheme to ensure smooth running of programmes
  • Ability to co-ordinate projects and use basic marketing tools (onboarding provided)
  • Time commitment: 8 hours monthly

Data & Research assistant (x2)

  • Support on the research design, data collection and data visualisation
  • Work closely with the social mobility pillar
  • Ability to storytell with data samples and use basic marketing tools (onboarding provided)
  • Time commitment: 8 hours…

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Money Matters [@LMFnetwork]

According to the Money Charity, 12.8 million households have no, or less than £1,500, in savings.

How can so many of us have no savings? Is it because of the lack of information available, the information overload or that fact that these basic skills are never taught in school but expected to be common knowledge when paying taxes? With so many of us suffering and unsure about money, we knew this was something we had to learn, teach and share! We launched the Money Matters series fundamentally to support you in your conversations with and about Money.

What is money matters?

Money Matters is an essential 8-week course designed to guide you to a stress-free and prosperous financial life. The LMF money matters series consists of workshops covering four major themes: money mindset, budgeting, saving, personal investing and credit scores. The series was the idea of Barbora Juhaszova, who leads the Financial programme for LMFnetwork and works for Wollit as their head of marketing.

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41% of Brits don’t have enough savings to live for a month without income and ⅓ have less than £600 in savings, according to Finder!

The pandemic has come and stayed in 2020, reminding us that if the unpredictable happens, will we be financially ready to cover our backs? This year has shed light on how important it is to have savings, consider financial security and start that emergency fund!

One reason for this could be because of the little financial education delivered in schools or another is the overload of information on the internet, which becomes hard to digest. Speaking about money is a secret language that many of us don’t feel we have the access to. …

Starting a side hustle can be very scary.

I started my side hustle after graduating from university this year. The graduate job market is difficult to enter when you lack experience and it’s required, so the side hustle was a way to establish my skills whilst generating some basic income. Turns out, I am not alone — according to the SME news, over ’16 million Brits use a side hustle, just as a way to cover basic living costs’ (SME news).

The worry was not starting the side hustle but more how I should manage my time — running a side hustle, applying for jobs, volunteering at the @LMFnetwork and importantly what will I do when I get that call to go full time? All these questions were covered during the workshop deLivered by @LMFnetwork in partnership with Capgemini. …

We are launching our Social Mobility Pillar in January 2021. Why?

Well, while some progress has been made with levelling the playing field to reduce barriers for those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, there’s more that can be done — we aim to make a positive contribution in this space.

Current State

Research finds that people from more affluent backgrounds take a disproportionate number of desirable jobs and that employers have the tendency to disproportionately employ graduates who went to private schools and elite universities (Elitist Britain, 2019)

Using data from the ONS, the State of the Nation (2019) found that those from ‘better off’ backgrounds are almost 80% more likely to be in a professional job than their working class…

Do you want the philosophical or practical answer?

Simply put, we exist because we didn’t belong. We exist to create spaces where you can show up as your full self and belong. We exist to enable, educate and empower you with life skills for future success. We exist because you asked us to.

What is the LMFnetwork?

The LMFnetwork is a global social enterprise (not for profit) focused on empowering, enabling & educating womxn and marginalised groups into tech, entrepreneurship & digital. We specialise in designing and delivering an accessible programmes and supporting a a global community. We’ve gone from a brunch club to a social good brand based on what the community wanted. …



Bridging the skills gap and changing the narrative of inclusion! Global social enterprise and not for profit. 30K + Following; Community, Mentoring + Workshops!

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