LMFnetwork [London, HQ]

In numbers


  • 85% of those who signed up showed up
  • 2,535 people upskilled through our delivered workshops
  • On average, 95% of those who attended felt upskilled or informed
  • 60 events were designed and delivered via the LMFnetwork
  • 80 guest speakers invested their time in supporting our cause

We worked with 20+ brands, including : Qadre, Google, UpSkill Digital, Fego Beaconsfield, Westmont Hub Enterprise, Underpinned, Confident & Killing it, Harrington Starr, SOLA, Raising Partners, FORA, Eden Smith, PhotoBox, Hatch, Google, Allbright, Capgemini, Stripe and more

Mentoring scheme Pilot launched

  • 18 countries
  • 95% felt matched with the “perfect” mentor or mentee
  • 89% felt upskilled after each workshop
  • 93% will recommend to a friend (mentor & mentee)


  • £1,245 raised from gofundme page
  • £750 raised from sponsorship and funds contributed

Names of speakers

  • Anna Flach — Head of Marketing & Comms at Qadre
  • Jen Scott — Cofounder Hustle & Heels
  • Abi Mohamed- Programme Manager Tech Nation
  • Kaitlin Fritz — CoFounder at Musemio
  • Zlata Rodionova — A freelance business journalist
  • Enara Nazarova — A New York-based entrepreneur, XR evangelist
  • Mayce Elreem — Creative mindset and wellbeing coach
  • Fiona Austin — Coach, BMCC
  • Valeria Rodrigues — Yoga Teacher
  • Laura Degiovanni — Founder, Tiiqu
  • Genevieve Leveille — Founder, AgriLedger
  • Danielle Barwick — Client relationship manager, Cherryduck
  • Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua — Storytelling Coach
  • Jaz Broughton — Customer success manager & Founder of JustJaz
  • Barbora Juhaszova — Founder, GrowTech & Head of Marketing, Lmfnetwork
  • Dr. Holly Powell-Jones — Founder, Online Media Law
  • Holly Boothroyd — A multi-award-winning Microsoft Software Engineer
  • Kita Khandwala — Student Careers Coach
  • ​Lauren Malone — Senior events and campaigns manager [women in business lead] at Enterprise Nation
  • Nadia Edwards- Dashti — Co Founder, Harrington Starr Group
  • Tiwalola Ogunlesi — Life Coach and Founder, Confident and Killing It
  • Anna Panayi — LMFnetwork brand ambassador and marketing at Claro
  • Albert Azis Clauson — Founder and CEO, Freelance platform UnderPinned
  • Jay Paul — Founder & Director, Hustle & Hive Marketing
  • Rebecca Magnus — Award-winning independent writer, strategist and brand consultant.
  • Tory McIrvine- Head of Practise Sales, SOLA Group
  • Ajay Pabial — Managing Director of ArtClubbers
  • Helena Murphy- Head of Investment at Raising Partners
  • Sanjeev Jandu — Founder of Breathe Media
  • Lizzie Vince — Founder, Female Money Detox
  • Lucy Lynch — Head of Grad Partnerships, Eden Smith
  • Talja Parkinson — Senior BI & Data Manager, Sky
  • Cyrill Lutterodt — CoFounder, neu Robotics
  • Samya Ghazanfar — Data analytics, Photobox
  • Jez Clark — Founder, Eden Smith
  • Andy Smith — Head of data, Photobox
  • Hayley Smith, Owner and Head of PR, Boxed Out PR
  • Emma Alexander — The founder of Mother Bran
  • Hasan Kubba — author of the unfair advantage
  • David Savage — Tech Talks
  • Zoha Rahman — Log Kya Kahenge? @LKKG.PODCAST
  • Sina Sadrzadeh — The Millennial Entrepreneur
  • Yassin Bojang — Home Girls Unite
  • Corrie Jones — Founder, Untapped Digital
  • Kim Darragon — Kim Does Marketing
  • Khaleelah Jones- Dime Digital
  • Lucy Von Sturmer — Humblebrag
  • Katy Murray — Catalyst Collective
  • Preethi — Head of Industry Marketing at LinkedIn
  • Naomi Alexander Naidoo - Community Manager at the Finance Innovation Lab
  • Amish Unalkat — Young working professional
  • Sara Korchmaros — CCO of our partner, the Recash app
  • Rachel Martin — Founder and director of Accountant_She
  • Krystle McGilvery — Financial Education Advocate
  • Janeena Sahota — Business Transformation Consultant, Capgemini
  • Antonette Anandarajah — Test Analyst, Capgemini
  • Marcia-Lee Laurence — Business Transformation Consultant, Capgemini
  • Precious Oduebo — Associate Consultant, Business Transformation Consulting, Capgemini
  • Dan Doherty — Attraction and Recruitment Manager — Early Careers, Capgemini
  • Devina Paul — Devina is the founding partner of Galvanise Capital, and an expert when it comes to both personal and corporate investments. She will be hosting our workshop.
  • Caroline Hughes — Co-founder and CEO of Lifetise
  • Maya Prentis — Founder of financial education platform Fempire Finance
  • Maya Welford — Current LMF mentee and Mobility Lead for LMF Mentoring Programme 2021
  • Aarthi Paul — UK&I Growth, Stripe and mentoring partner 2021
  • Cecilia Nunn — Current LMF Mentee and experienced digital leader with a strong track record of delivering international projects
  • Christina Leaver — Current LMF Mentee and successful Creative Lead, art director, and designer; focusing on helping brands/clients connect with their audiences and tell narratives that resonate.
  • Naomi Ediru — Current LMF Mentee
  • Tania Croda — Programme Lead, LMFnetwork
  • Sonya Barlow — Founder LMFnetwork
  • Angela Clements — Founder, Fair for You
  • David — The Personal Finance Coach
  • Nafeesa Jafferjee — Cofounder Quirk
  • Emma Henderson — Full fat PR
  • Sharniya Ferdinand — Natwest Business
  • Jasmine Douglas— Founder, Babes on Waves
Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash

Bridging the skills gap and changing the narrative of inclusion! Global social enterprise and not for profit. 30K + Following; Community, Mentoring + Workshops!

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