More than a year since the pandemic started, and we are finally on our way out of lockdown and restrictions. But these positive signs are not enough to forget that Covid-19 worsened gender inequalities and the many challenges faced by minority groups in the workplace.

That is why we wanted to make a stop in the way and evaluate the impact LMF Network is having on its growing community during the first quarter of 2021.

LMF has been working twice as hard to empower women and people from the BAME community. We have delivered workshops and events to help them…

Despite diversity and inclusion being such a hot topic, less than 50% understood how diversity impacts their everyday life (LMF, 2021).

For this reason, LMF network created a 4 workshop series to educate community members, especially if corporations weren’t able to access the budgets to do so.

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Diversity reports and recommendations

LMF network carried out a diversity and inclusion study and as a result, launched 4 research reports with recommendations.

The aim of the diversity and inclusion programme is to increase knowledge of diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and neurodiversity. …

Do you know someone who always makes the same mistakes and can’t explain why? Do you always feel confident when making a decision?

This may be because of Biases.

Biases make it difficult for people to exchange accurate information or derive truths. Biases lead us to avoid information that may be unwelcome or uncomfortable, rather than investigating the information that could lead us to a more accurate outcome. Biases can also cause us to see patterns or connections between ideas that aren’t necessarily there. …

Did you know that an Austrian-born American actress invented the basis for all modern wireless communications? That the precursor of the Monopoly game was meant to teach players about the economic ill effects of land monopolism?

From tech to medicine, from games to life-saving tools, here some of the most brilliant cutting-edge inventions have been made by women, many of which we use every day.

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The dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochran in 1872. Though other prototypes existed, it took a woman’s common sense to create a dishwasher that actually cleaned the dishes. Cochran’s design was the first that used…

Je décide de relever le défi !

Quand j’ai découvert que le thème de la Journée de la femme cette année était : “ Je décide de relever le défi” , je ne pouvais dissimuler ma satisfaction et, soyons honnête, j’espèrais également que tout le monde éprouverait le même sentiment d’urgence.

C’était comme si nous étions tous appelés à choisir un “camp” et à passer à l’action. Après tout, ne pas choisir c’est choisir, et souvent choisir pour la prochaine génération. …

To Rise is to……..

What does it mean? To some people it could mean moving up a ladder, cakes rising when baking, going up from a lower position or an increase in number. All are correct meanings in their own way. But what does it actually mean in the context of Women’s Empowerment? More on this later.

Start from an idea

In order to rise from something, you need to build on something in order to achieve your targets. This is called ‘Foundation’, according to the Oxford dictionary, “a principle, an idea or a fact that supports something and it develops from”.

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I believe that everyone in life…

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Like your achievements were a stroke of luck, and that you’re the proverbial duck in the water at work? Whilst you seem calm to others, like a duck’s feet, you’re furiously paddling or working hard to keep afloat? These are features of what has been termed “imposter syndrome.”

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Imposter syndrome is the intense self-doubt around one’s own success (Instant office).

It is the persistent feeling that you are not valid, deserved and feeling that you are not as competent as other people seem to think you are. At one point in our life, we have likely all felt like an imposter, as someone who doesn’t…

LMFnetwork [London, HQ]

In numbers


  • 3,165 people signed up for our events
  • 85% of those who signed up showed up
  • 2,535 people upskilled through our delivered workshops
  • On average, 95% of those who attended felt upskilled or informed
  • 60 events were designed and delivered via the LMFnetwork
  • 80 guest speakers invested their time in supporting our cause

We worked with 20+ brands, including : Qadre, Google, UpSkill Digital, Fego Beaconsfield, Westmont Hub Enterprise, Underpinned, Confident & Killing it, Harrington Starr, SOLA, Raising Partners, FORA, Eden Smith, PhotoBox, Hatch, Google, Allbright, Capgemini, Stripe and more

Mentoring scheme Pilot launched

  • 140+ matches
  • 18 countries
  • 95% felt…

#ChooseToChallenge — Why I’m calling out other women this International Women’s Day

The week of International Women’s Day is one of my favourite times of the year, as it’s always a day I can just be my authentic self, we can talk about anything and everything, completely put the world to rights and empower each other. This year however, it was a little bit different — with being completely virtual, some of the reporting around the Meghan Markle interview, the report around Safe Spaces by UN Women UK, and of course, the horrendous murder of Sarah Everard. …

Starts with…

When I found out that this year’s International Women’s Day theme was #ChooseToChallenge, not only was I extremely excited to write for the Like Minded Female Network, but I also hoped that everyone would feel the sense of urgency that I felt deep inside.

It felt as if everyone, both men and women, we're called to take a stand. Not choosing to challenge is ultimately taking a stand. It is also accepting that we are potentially making a decision for the next generation, and sometimes for the worst.

As Michelle Obama would say “we can all be role…


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