LMF Network CIC is a global not-for-profit social enterprise.

Our mission is to enable, educate and empower women and marginalised communities in tech, digital & entrepreneurship.

We believe in creating inclusive programmes to empower confidence, accelerate careers and unite the community.

The LMF Network is an accessible network specialising in digital workshops, a mentoring programme and business coaching to build and upskill the community.

Since launching in May 2018, the network has facilitated 200+ workshops globally, upskilled 10,000+ people, nominated for 3 national awards and engaged with over 35,000 online.

The network has its HQ in London UK, with its…

More than a year since the pandemic started, and we are finally on our way out of lockdown and restrictions. But these positive signs are not enough to forget that Covid-19 worsened gender inequalities and the many challenges faced by minority groups in the workplace.

That is why we wanted to make a stop in the way and evaluate the impact LMF Network is having on its growing community during the first quarter of 2021.

LMF has been working twice as hard to empower women and people from the BAME community. We have delivered workshops and events to help them…

One year ago, I was finishing my exams for my Master’s degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation.

As often happens, once you have finished university, you are not immediately sure what the next step could be. Either you continue your studies — so go after a doctorate — or you start a tiring and sometimes counterproductive search for your first job.

My research started in May 2020. During my last exams, I started to send my resume for positions I considered interesting and in companies that I was most passionate about.

Right from the start, I faced a systemic…

The idea portrayed by the media is that we can’t find happiness until we “get to the top”¹ — but where is the top? If Drake says, “nine figures was the goal ’til I hit it”, ² — then where is the limit? Hence, when will we ever really be fulfilled and know what true happiness is?

This article will delve into my concern that we have transformed happiness into an equation, where the key component is money rather than the feeling it should be.

A Concrete Formula for an Abstract Feeling.

From June 14 to June 16, LMF Network participated in the CogX Festival. This event gathers CEO’s, entrepreneurs, academics, activists and policymakers to inspire positive change, celebrate innovation, discuss global topics, and share the trends that will shape the future.

The event consisted of 18 live stages with more than 1,000 speakers on topics such as Global Leadership, Cutting Edge, Future of Work, Ethics & Society, FinTech & Financial Services, EDTech & Education, among others. It also provided an opportunity to create a global community through conversations and networking opportunities.

During the festival, LMF Network had the opportunity to MC…

Do you have a monthly salary, but end up spending it all? Are you struggling to save on an entry-level salary?

Saving a little extra every month is the first step towards financial freedom. And you don’t need to earn lots to start. Read our five tips on how to start saving!

1.To save more, you don’t have to earn more — look at your spending

The best way to save more is to become more aware of what you’re spending. If you don’t know where to begin, try starting with a simple spreadsheet or a notebook.

You will need…

The Survivorship bias and Tokenism

Is working hard the only thing you need to achieve anything?

Let’s say it is now less and less true. But in fact, we don’t realize it. We continue to overestimate the actual odds of taking the social elevator for both ourselves and others.

This is because of the Survivorship bias.

This bias leads us to ignore the stories of people who “didn’t make it”. It is linked to the intuition of a Hungarian mathematician, Abraham Wald, in World War II (WWII).

During WWII, engineers studied a way to make planes less vulnerable. Analyzing the bullet holes on the fuselages…

Le vent est en train de tourner…

Après un long et humide mois de Juin ( du moins au Royaume-Uni), il semble que l’été soit enfin arrivé ! C’est donc le moment parfait pour revisiter ce premier semestre et penser à nos désirs et objectifs professionnels pour la seconde partie de l’année.

Prenons quelques minutes pour respirer et partager quelques astuces qui, je l’espère, vous seront utiles dans les mois à venir.

Zora Neale Hurston a dit très justement : “Où que nous soyons dans la vie, l’horizon demeurera toujours bien loin” et comme je le dirais : “Nous sommes…

After a very long, misty June and summer looming ahead, it feels like the perfect time to reflect on our first semester and career aspirations for the months to come.

With six months left to achieve — or not — our 2021 goals, it is time to take a break and share valuable tips to plan the rest of your year.

As Zora Neale Hurston said: “No matter how far a person can go, the horizon is still way beyond you”.

According to the World Bank, female-run enterprises are steadily growing all over the world, contributing to household incomes and the growth of national economies.

Unfortunately, the number of women entrepreneurs is significantly lower than that of men.

CNN found out that the number of women running Fortune 500 companies has hit an all-time record of 37. However, that’s still only made for 7.4% of these top companies.

What are the reasons behind this gap?


Bridging the skills gap and changing the narrative of inclusion! Global social enterprise and not for profit. 35K + Following; Community, Mentoring + Workshops!

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