Aquayemi-Claude Garnett— Profiles in Spotlight Series

3 min readMay 2, 2023

Profiles in Spotlight — This series spotlighted women who are part of the LMF network or have participated in the LMF mentoring program.

Aquayemi-Claude is based in the United Kingdom and works as an activist and campaigner in the non-profit sector, specifically in the DEI arena.

Aquayemi-Claude is a student, author, and activist working against inequality and for inclusion Rights and Quality Of Education.

He is also a youth delegate, leader, trustee, Youngo member, entrepreneur, CEO, founder, keynote public speaker, and philanthropist. He has worked on several projects and programs, including Garnett’s Clothing Brand & Range and Claude’s SEN Law Campaign. He was part of the LMF mentoring program as a mentee. Read on to learn more about his experience with the program and his tips for career and confidence.

His primary skills in his day-to-day work are data collection, data analysis, problem-solving, teamwork, quantitative and qualitative analysis and leadership. Creativity is critical to working as an activist.

“We’ve all experienced failure at one point or another.”

Aquayemi-Claude advises overcoming failure by standing up for your beliefs, using your voice for change, and caring for your well-being.

Over 70% of people feel like imposters, and so has Aquayemi-Claude from age eight, owing to systemic challenges. But he has overcome this by working to bring a change, standing up against these challenges and fighting for Equity for all. Today, he would advise his younger self to innovate in creating change solutions for Equity with equal opportunities.

“Confidence can be developed over time with the right tools and skills. So if you’re struggling with confidence, believe in yourself and know that it’s a skill you can develop over time.”

A few resources that have helped Aquayemi-Claude are networks, slack, zoom, google drive, youtube and Instagram. By channelling his creativity through these channels, he has been able to level up his confidence and work on his mission.

The LMF mentoring program helped him upskill and become more aware, guiding his self-discovery. He was able to develop knowledge in tech. Access to the extensive network of LMF allowed him to interact with and learn from people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The best advice he received from his mentor was to build small to enable broader growth which has helped him expand his work. The key takeaway from the program was the knowledge sharing, including tools, skills and advice with other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges that served as both support and inspiration.

Aquayemi-Claude shared a message for Women’s Day 2023:

“Gender Balance, with love for one another, is the ability to create a future for Equity with equal opportunities.”

This blog contribution was made by Aleena Ahmad.

Aleena is a graduate in Electrical Engineering and currently working as a Product Manager. She loves to read books; is obsessed with political non-fiction, finds baking therapeutic, and likes to start her day with yoga. Aleena believes writing is the best way to articulate one’s thoughts and start a conversation. She feels passionately about women empowerment initiatives and is always looking for opportunities to contribute.

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