Attracting Diverse Candidates with Polarsteps

Many organisations have set targets to increase diversity in their teams and leadership, and the first step is to understand how to attract diverse talent.

When Polarsteps, the Amsterdam-based travel app, set their goal to attract more diverse candidates, they approached us to help them do a deep dive into inclusive hiring and develop concrete initiatives so they could take the next steps in their DE&I journey as a team.

How we supported their EDI goals?

What did we achieve?

Sascha Vloet, People & Operations Manager, said about this session:

“Sonya helped us to get started with our DEI journey. She’s a great and knowledgeable speaker. Through two sessions, she took us along on the importance of DEI and gave us valuable practical tips. Based on her advice and ideas, we have set up a DEI team and already implemented multiple initiatives.”

Since then, Polarsteps has applied the learnings and actions presented during the workshop to be more inclusive in their hiring and attraction strategies. They also formed a DE&I team and started working on their first initiatives.

Size of the company: Small-sized company; 30+ employees

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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