Creating an employee resource group (ERG) and inclusive recommendations with FitFlop x LMFNetwork

3 min readMar 15, 2023

TL;DR — Fitflop is setting up internal team member resource groups and wanted support from LMFNetwork to understand how best to design and implement these efforts whilst maintaining work-life balance and learning from best practices. LMF provided a 1-hour session and follow-up resources, which was highly commended.

Sonya Barlow and Preiti R with FitFlop x LMF

What was the overall objective?

To understand FitFlop’s current inclusive initiatives and support them in building an inclusive ERG group to enable internal efforts.

What did the client want?

Fitflop wants to create a community and sense of belonging within the business, providing colleagues with the opportunity to feedback and build on company practice.

LMFNetwork working with FitFlop

How did the LMF Network support it?

The LMF Network designed and delivered a 1 hour interactive session with FitFlop’s team from the UK and USA. This included an interactive whiteboard discovery exercise, a safe space for honest conversations, sharing learned and best practices from similar organisations and building a draft plan with business and ERG requirements. Post-workshop, Fitflop was sent resources, a summary deck with examples and recommendations, and a follow-up proposal.

What were the results?

  • 1 hour discovery session delivered
  • Healthy discussion fostered
  • Job requirements and ERG requirements discussed
  • Plan enabled
  • Follow-up resources with recommendations
Sonya BARLOW holding her entry to fitflop

What was the feedback from the business?

Our ED&I working group met with LMF for a workshop on best practice, policy and how to best extract value. Sonya and Preiti were very engaging and provided beneficial insight. They provided a comprehensive output package and useful recommendations. Thank you, LMF!”

Jack, FitFlop — L&D partner

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