• Ale C Menendez

    Ale C Menendez

    Communications & Public Affairs Consultant. Passionate about current affairs, policy and politics. MPA @UCL.

  • Beenish Saeed

    Beenish Saeed

  • Arka Raina

    Arka Raina

    Design/Digital Consultant @ IBM. Updates about tech, design, innovation, intersectional underrepresentation & inequities, career development & life lessons.

  • Rukhsana Haleem

    Rukhsana Haleem

  • Himali De Silva

    Himali De Silva

  • Jen Andre

    Jen Andre

    Communications @Balderton Capital

  • Hannah Elkington

    Hannah Elkington

  • Jharna Jagtiani

    Jharna Jagtiani

    Founder, Prerna Foundation || Advocate || Arbitrator || Mediator & Mediation Coach || Contributor at LawfulTalks.com || Shoe Hoader || Bookworm

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