I Should’ve Asked For More Money.

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  1. Tiffany Uman, Career Strategy Coach, is a former Fortune 500 Senior Director with 13+ years of corporate experience. In her own career, she achieved 7 promotions in under 10 years and was Head of Marketing on multi-million dollar brands, among other achievements.
  2. Tara O’Brien, Recruitment Strategist, is a highly experienced Recruitment Leader with a broad industry background across the UK, Australasian & Middle Eastern markets. She has managed client recruitment assignments at all levels up to General Manager & Director level appointments.
  3. Preiti Randhawa, Certified Scrum Master, has 7+ years of experience in professional B2B and B2C services, both agency and client-side, where she has continuously driven exceptional client services and business operations.

Why is there a stigma around salary negotiations?

  • Have I been involved with or led any projects outside of my core role?
  • Have I undertaken any additional certification or training that is relevant to my job role?
  • Does the company provide any benefits beyond what is mandatory in my country?
  • Are you being paid at a fair rate compared to your peers for your role or field of expertise?
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What is the key to being able to negotiate your salary?

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Do companies have a responsibility to make sure they are paying people what they deserve?

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  • Not everyone is born with it — negotiation skills are something you can learn.
  • You must be able to advocate for yourself first. Own your wins.
  • Take into consideration what the other side is bringing to the table.
  • Build a relationship with all key stakeholders who are part of the decision-making process.
  • Showcase your track record and the value you bring to the business's progress.

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