LMF Network launch a diversity jobs board for IWD 2021

2 min readMar 1, 2021


Global Jobs Board

UK-based non-profit Like-Minded Females Network (the LMF Network) has launched an inclusive jobs board. The community network is challenging the notion “the talent pipeline doesn't exist” by launching our own jobs board — where diverse ambitious individuals can connect with value-led businesses.

Increasing Diversity

One of the network’s highlights is its inclusivity. 75% of the community identify as female, non-binary or gender fluid; with 65% identifying as non-white.

Sonya Barlow, the founder of the LMF Network, comments: “As a Diversity and Inclusion coach, I have seen companies suggest they are diversifying their talent, only to do the same thing and expect different results. Data from LMF’s research and the mentoring programme clearly shows that professionals are tired of applying for roles with traditional job boards. Reasons for this include the roles not being inclusive, descriptions not informative and a lack of trust within the system. Companies shout about wanting diverse talent but don’t venture outside the traditional routes of recruitment. As the pandemic results in job loss, unemployment, and a lack of certainty about the future, we want our community to know we are working hard to provide opportunities and companies to know that our community is ready for a challenge. I’m excited to see people given the support to achieve their full potential.”

The jobs board

The interactive jobs board provides accessible methods for companies to list job postings with relevant information, whilst LMF shares these within their community. The jobs board focuses on providing the most necessary information which can be digested amongst a diverse range of applicants. Each week LMF plans to share these opportunities through their social media channels, networking groups and slack forums. This is to encourage community members to apply whilst building trust in the positioning of the organisations.

The first companies to use the board include Perlego, Microsoft, Designit, Capital Placement & Graze.

Diversity Data

The jobs board is initially launched by the LMF network at the back of their research findings. Within the research, it was founded that less than 50% understand how diversity impacts their daily lives, whilst 78% believe D&I initiatives are only to “tick a box”. Throughout the month of March, LMF will be releasing 4 research reports and training modules, covering basic diversity definitions to hiring & recruitment.


See all the amazing jobs on offer here

The jobs board is created using no-code boards Niceboard, founded by Olivier Breton.

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