LMF Network — The past, present and future. Welcome to our evolution

LMF Network — The past, present and future.

Where we started

The 1st LMF Event with attendees in 2018

What have we done since 2018?

Our 1st yoga in the park event, 2018
2021 — Our in-person event with The Allbright

What have we learnt?

2021 — Unprepared to Entrepreneur book launch

What is the future of LMF?

1. Confidence: Social content (including blogs) & community forums (Slack and LinkedIn)

2. Capabilities: Life skills workshops, CV reviews, interview support & LinkedIn masterclasses

3. Careers: Two Mentoring programmes for 3 months twice a year, with recognised partners

2021 — Unprepared to Entrepreneur Book launch with LeWagon

LMF ambassadors

Diversity and Inclusion

Sonya Barlow at RecFest 2021 keynote sonya barlow

The team and societies

2021 — Unprepared to Entrepreneur with Georgina + Sana (LMF Ambassadors and volunteers)


What does that mean for the LMF impact?

2021 — Unprepared to Entrepreneur LMF book launch with Le Wagon

2022: Enabling women at work to break the bias.

How can you support the LMF Network?

LMF 2018 — Our 1st workshop-style event
2021 — LMF in numbers from 2018



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