LMF Network’S Q1 Impact Report

10 highlights from our impact report

Who is LMF Network CIC?

Our community members come from all over the world.

Graph: Traffic by location on LMF Network’s website from January to March.
Graph: Traffic overtime on LMF Network’s website Q1 2021.

LMF Network’s team is growing.

We are blogging more than ever.

Graph: Views from LMF’s blog between January and March.

Our flagship initiative: LMF’s mentoring programme.

The mentoring programme offers monthly workshops for the participants.

Our online community keeps growing.


Graph: LMF’s LinkedIn page impressions between January and March.


Even online, LMF’s events are still going on.

LMF Eventbrite page and next events

Community Socials

We created a space to find and hire diverse talent.

We have increased our funding and revenue.

LMF Network: Power of community

Help us provide the best experience.

How can you keep in touch?

What is LMFnetwork?



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