LMF x Capgemini: How ‘Side Hustles’ can complement your career!

Starting a side hustle can be very scary.

I started my side hustle after graduating from university this year. The graduate job market is difficult to enter when you lack experience and it’s required, so the side hustle was a way to establish my skills whilst generating some basic income. Turns out, I am not alone — according to the SME news, over ’16 million Brits use a side hustle, just as a way to cover basic living costs’ (SME news).

The worry was not starting the side hustle but more how I should manage my time — running a side hustle, applying for jobs, volunteering at the @LMFnetwork and importantly what will I do when I get that call to go full time? All these questions were covered during the workshop deLivered by @LMFnetwork in partnership with Capgemini. I entered confused and left confident.

This blog will cover the learnings, what the workshop covered and leave you with tips you can take away today to thrive with your side hustle and use the skills to complement your career!

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The workshop started with a quick fire round of questions which opened my eyes! 42% of students attending the call had a money-making sideline or side hustle, which was similar to Capgemini’s data point around 30%. As someone who is seeking full time work, this reassured me that I am no different to many others!

The first half of the workshop was run by Dan Doherty, attraction and recruitment Manager at Capgemini and our Capgemini advocate. Dan spoke about the importance of being honest about your side hustle, and including this within your CV. This is the first time a recruiter has been so forward in the approach and it’s refreshing! Personally, this encouraged me to see my experience of running a side hustle as something that will enhance my chance of getting a job. Dan spoke about the ways you can bring your side hustle experience into an everyday role, for example running a side hustle can mean that you will be able to bring client advocacy or be able to manage various tasks within a restricted time frame. The skills of the future include communication, leadership and critical thinking — these you learn and grow through your side hustle!

The session was followed by the panellists speaking about the skills that they learned by running a side hustle and how it helped them in their everyday job. The panellists were Janeena Sahota, Antonette Anandarajah, Marcia-Lee Laurence and Precious Oduebo (more information on their side hustles below).

The panellists started with their own experiences, discussed their roles in Capgemini and were very honest about how they managed these conversations internally. The consensus was to stay transparent, align your external skills with how they can complement your day role and most importantly, don’t think you’re doing the company injustice by having something on the side. Something I have learnt whilst interning at @LMFnetwork is that not all side hustles are for profits, such that the network is for social good and for social mobility. All funds and donations go into the mentoring scheme or the running of accessible programmes to upskill people.

Marcia made a very memorable comment about how side hustles can show that you are an innovative thinker, with a high level of focus and discipline. Antonette spoke about her side hustle giving her a different perspective in her day job and supporting her communication skills, as she deals with new business daily, a task which you can do with new clients. Precious and Janeena both discussed how their side hustle came from both a problem area they saw and something they were personally passionate about — they hadn’t shared their side hustles on Linkedin but were more encouraged to do so after the session.

During the workshop, the @LMFnetwork used the poll function to understand the audience attending and the stats were interesting.

85% of those who attended were inspired to start a side hustle because of the content shared in the workshop, of whom 60% were in a full time role and 30% looking for their first job or a student.

Only 18% of attendees knew about a career in consultancy, after the session 89% of the attendees considered a career in consultancy and 90% a career at Capgemini.

100% of the attendees enjoyed the session and would recommend it to a friend.

The most interesting information we found was that 32% of attendees rated “professional progression” at the most important thing in their career vs 25% who claimed it was “money”. “Learning opportunities” and “values” were tied in third. This simple data point proves that the new generation of workers are most interested in how a company can support them to progress and there’s a fine balance between salary value in comparison to professional value. People are no longer working just for income, but for progression, promotion and evolution of skills.

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At the back of this workshop, there’s a few things we identified which companies should be prioritising : investing in your people, supporting them to progress in their careers and balancing office work with side hustles, which evidently can complement your career. With such a large percentage of people having or wanting a side hustle, it’s time companies realise these are assets than a hindrance. And a few things that professionals can be doing, such as considering your current skills set versus what you need, being brave enough to start your side hustle and add this on your CV and most importantly, reaching out to your network to understand what they do and how you can get where they are!

I left this workshop wishing that events like these existed whilst I was a student, as it would have helped me to align my skills, passions and side projects to the job I wanted in the future. I left this workshop feeling less scared about starting a side hustle, learning about my skills and interested in possibly joining a consultancy.

Since interning at the @LMFnetwork, I have been supported in building my side hustle, whilst writing blogs despite my dyslexia, conducting research on social mobility (a new discovery area for me), becoming a mentee on the mentoring programme and therefore challenging what I perceived about work versus working for a culture which encourages my growth.

What this workshop with Capgemini proves is that companies who want to invest in their employees and future talent don’t have to do it alone, partnering with social enterprises who are serious about bridging the skills gap can amplify your message, encourage diverse talent to apply to your roles and educate others on what employers are looking for.

Read more about our mentoring programme here or email hello@lmfnetwork.com to work with us in the future!

Written by Sana Khan, @LMFnetwork Intern and recent graduate.

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A big thank you to Dan Doherty, Janeena Sahota, Antonette Anandarajah, Marcia-Lee Laurence, Precious Oduebo and Capgemini. The workshop is available on Youtube here

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Guest speakers:

Janeena Sahota — Business Transformation Consultant, working with clients on major business & change transformation projects. Side Hustle: All Things Pretty | Wedding & Event Stationery @Allthingspretty_uk

Antonette Anandarajah — Test Analyst — testing systems used by various clients to check they meet business requirements. Side Hustle: Influencer @thelondonlady__ & @wearwhatiwore

Marcia-Lee Laurence — Business Transformation Consultant — We work to help clients gain a competitive advantage through the power of technology. Side Hustle: Fulfilment by Amazon Lifestyle and Wellbeing Business @stem_ltd

Precious Oduebo — Associate Consultant, Business Transformation Consulting | Helping clients grow by transforming the business using existing and emerging technology. Side Hustle: Sustainable Fashion E-Commerce: Priest London @priestldn

Dan Doherty — Attraction and Recruitment Manager — Early Careers | Capgemini

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