#MentoringMatters — @LMFnetwork mentoring programme & 2021 campaign

What is the LMF mentoring programme?

What problems are we solving?

What have we done so far? [Programme #1]

Can you dive into the detail?

Who were the participants?

What is the feedback?

What was the funding model?

Can you give us an idea of the types of workshops delivered?

Were there any key learnings or things to improve?

How will you finish the programme?

What does 2021 hold? [Programme #2]

What is the #mentoringmatters campaign?

What does the mentoring programme consist of?

What’s a mentees requirement and How can I sign up?

What’s a mentor’s requirement and How can I sign up?

How can I sponsor or partner with the programme?

What are the timelines

You mentioned data collection and a campaign? Can you provide more detail?

I am unsure about mentoring, do you have more information?



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