My Experience Working for LMF as an Intern in PR and Social Media Content

Follow me back in time to where it all started that got me into working for LMF through the UK’s Kickstart scheme.

Attending the interview.

The process of booking an interview at the Job Centre is an extensively nerve-racking, nail-biting, and awful experience. Before staying focused, I had to always say to myself, “do not kid yourself”. You can believe in yourself so much, but when you really realise you want something in life, the stakes are raised. It becomes challenging to differentiate between whether you are worthy of the job you want or you aren’t. You just have to do what you do as best as you can.

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I remember there was another candidate for the job, which I will not name other than Y. I don’t know what Y was doing exactly — something distracting like expressing out loud all the experience and skills Y had. At the same time, on Y’s phone showed fantastic socials that I could not compete with, trying to be really cool. So, I said to myself, “You know what? Screw this. This is mine, this is not Y’s”.

As a result, that optimistic mindfulness allowed me to acknowledge the most important thing is to believe in yourself. Having that in mind, I walked towards the interview and came in with complete honesty about all the skills that I didn’t have but expressed my burning desire to learn if given a chance.

Oddly enough, I ended up getting the job after getting surprised with the news from Sonya at a networking filming event I attended, which completely took me out of surprise. I remember the first thing I did as soon as I got back home was tell my mum, which made her very proud.

My mum was a very important woman who pushed me to go for this opportunity and be part of a fantastic organisation that supports women and other ethnic minorities worldwide.

My learning experience at LMF.

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Having learned a lot through my three-month period at LMF, I’m able to apply the skills and knowledge to be proactive and spontaneous in situations in a creative space to excel.

One is understanding how important it is to time manage, especially starting out on your first few weeks at a new role. This is because the first few weeks are vital as they create the momentum of your work ethic.
Furthermore, I can draw wisdom from many different places through academic learning in PR and the practical side of making social media content. This was because if you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale.

Understanding the elements of time management and the other aspects, like the preparation aspect of beating on my craft in understanding PR and content creation in social media, will help me become a whole.

For example, the idea that luck is when opportunity meets preparation, luck or chance is not something that falls in your hands. It’s something that involves time and effort, which is something I will definitely take on board. An opportunity can come around, but if I am not prepared to take advantage of that, it’s essentially not going to happen.

Thus, the lesson is to be prepared to accept the opportunity that has been given to you. So, I always tried to stay driven and level-headed to stay focused and succeed at my job.

My experience in attending my first event as an intern at LMF.

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Showing up to your first anything can be filled up with the rush you feel from the nervousness and a certain amount of eagerness of excitement. All those little things raped up into a package, precisely how I felt coming into the event. I remember walking in with no expectations at all as it was the first-ever event I attended.

I remember I was super nervous, but at the same time, I was really buzzed up to meet new people. But, just before talking to a few people from the stalls about their business to see if they were interested in working alongside LMF or SB consulting for D&I purposes, my anxiety kicked in. I felt like I was going to have a minor panic attack from seeing so many people at the event.

The reason being why I felt such intensity was because I knew I lacked the ideal charisma in big social gatherings. Still, I had this drive and needed to put myself out there, which gave me the inner strength to carry on and complete my task to get potential contacts for LMF.

So, for the people out there that are going into something new through a job opportunity — like an event — a great thing to remember is acknowledging what you are there for.

Sometimes it may seem unclear at first due to the pressure of having big groups of people around you. Encouraging conversations may be a task that might be a little nerve-racking at first to get into. Still, a good mental cue is to have a hopeful mind that you can get through this. This will allow you to have a much more meaningful interaction with complete strangers that will feel more like an exciting, fulfilling thing rather than being full of dread.

After three months into my Kickstart Job role, working at the LMF Network has come to an end. This whole experience has been life has truly been a life-changing experience that I will remember for the longest time.

One of my favourite moments was seeing my boss Sonya Barlow hosting a panel with other founders and talk about the world of tech in their businesses. I remember learning so much about the power of social media that I did not know of before.

I just knew I had to document all the brilliant, inspiring conversations I heard from the panellists. But, I quickly realised that my phone battery was dying, leaving me just enough to take a single video and some pictures.

I really did want to make more videos. However, out of feeling unprepared, I made a mental note about getting a camera to film on occasions like future events that I remembered having discussed with Sonya before her hosting. Her thought was, “next time,” with a hopeful smile, which just fueled me to hold onto that positive thought to stay motivated.

As someone practically in love with TV, I always wanted to use my ongoing camera skills to film little movies and document inspirational moments.

This got me thinking once I got a camera and got quite good at it, I could be a photographer for Sonya to take photos and videos for any other events or create video content for the LMF socials.

Also, in many ways, as an aspiring actor, I tend to look really hard for contacts to help me reach for movies to be a part of all the other actors beginning their journey to make it into the TV industry.

Having realised that, coming out of the event, I felt like I was much more aware that social media can be more than just taking selfies.

It is a wonderful way to start connecting with people who have similar interests to you is through social media platforms such as LinkedIn. It is a great tool to make almost instant contacts that you may have never thought of finding.

While I began feeling a little anxious going into attending my first event, I came out feeling proud of myself. I pulled through and learned from my mistakes, such as being a little unprepared. Now, I know to bring a portable charger if my phone runs out of charge, talk to more people and just enjoy myself more next time.

After three months into my Kickstart Job role, working at the LMF Network has come to an end. This whole experience has been life has truly been a life-changing experience that I will remember for the longest time.

So, I wanted to finish off by saying I appreciate all the support and the opportunity my mentor Sonya has given me in the past three months. Honestly, you are the most genuine mentor I have worked for that gave me a chance, whereas others have not due to the lack of skills. You took me in and showed me how working in the world of business is truly like.

Coming into my first experience working for an actual business has been a massive eye-opener for me that I needed. I thank you for that.

This blog contribution was made by Samsul Alam.

Samsul is a creative who is an aspiring actor, freelance writer, PR & content assistant.

He is also, interested in film making, photography and intern at LMF since August 2021.

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