Panel events aren’t enough — LMFnetwork launches practical IWD 2021 campaign

What is International Women's Day (IWD)?

Photo by Shaojie on Unsplash

What is LMF doing to celebrate this day?

  1. Global jobs board — LMF is challenging the notion “the talent pipeline doesn’t exist” by launching our own jobs board — where diverse ambitious individuals can connect with value-led businesses. This jobs board will allow companies to easily post their career opportunities online, which will then be shared within a community following of 35,000+ through digital forums and newsletter content.
  2. Diversity research project & training — LMF is launching a global diversity report research project to understand diversity and inclusion. The community network is challenging the system by producing educational material for the ordinary person to learn. Initial research has found that less than 50% know how diversity impacts their daily lives and 78% believe that current corporate diversity initiatives are merely to tick a box. The output will be 4 research reports with recommendations and training sessions, which are available on donation.
  3. Linkedin campaign — LMF is celebrating the amazing women in their community whilst shining a light on inequality with Linkedin. The social campaign will see the network post community images and tag women who are making an impact. The initial post on 5th March has already seen over 150 likes, 50 comments and 30 shares.
  4. IWD #choosetochallenge video — LMF community members have come together to share what they have challenged and will keep challenging moving forward. This video has been produced by Tanishka Jain (LMF Marketing intern) and will be shared across social media.

What else can we expect alongside this activity?

  1. Imposter syndrome & confidence workshop for the LMF mentoring programme.
  2. 15 minutes at 5pm with Sonya Barlow on Instagram to discuss gender equality, policy and process which can be implemented to make a difference.
  3. Attending the 65th conference on gender equality with UN Women.
  4. A number of panel discussions with organisations including Innovate UK, BMW, News UK, Wow Pakistan and more.

How can you support LMF for IWD?

  1. Share — Support the great work LMF are doing by sharing their content, reports and campaigns. For example, their recent diversity reports or their IWD post on Instagram.
  2. Donate — Donate to LMF’s programme and community initiatives through time, resources and money. LMF is particiluary looking for organisations who can donate advertising budgets, press time or volunteer once a month to write grant bids.
  3. Partner — Partner with LMF’s social mobility initiative and upskill 100s of people globally on topics such as confidence, productivity hacks and career options.



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