To Rise is to……..

What does it mean? To some people it could mean moving up a ladder, cakes rising when baking, going up from a lower position or an increase in number. All are correct meanings in their own way. But what does it actually mean in the context of Women’s Empowerment? More on this later.

Start from an idea

In order to rise from something, you need to build on something in order to achieve your targets. This is called ‘Foundation’, according to the Oxford dictionary, “a principle, an idea or a fact that supports something and it develops from”.

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I believe that everyone in life needs a foundation to start from, where you evolve and gain new skills/experiences. Many of us have experienced being stuck on an idea or encounter a difficult situation. Foundation is laying out basic things to help you declutter your mind to focus on things that are important and move on to the next layer or ideas.

It could be:-

· Being organised

· Making lists

· Mind mapping

For example, while I was at uni, I had an assignment on safeguarding and was given three case studies. I got very stuck on these case studies as I was interested in all of them and was not sure which one I would focus on more.

So, with the case studies:-

· Put my ideas down

· Compared all three cases

· Expanded on a case study that had more ideas

So, I could have given up, but I didn’t, as I worked through the problems and achieved my target in finalising a case study that suited me to write well. This is an example of how I rise above a situation by having a clear foundation and being organised with better focus.

Some of you may be reading this and go well it’s not that simple. Well, you are right, because when we actually look at ‘Rise’ deeper, it can be complicated too.

Being your own role model

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In some situation, you cannot just rely on lists or being organised right? As some people can be frustrated with the situation or certain behaviours going on around them. It is very easy for people to back down and not act in that situation. Instead, I think you should look ‘Rise’ as a role model. I am sure you will be thinking role model? Well, yes role model because, believe it or not? in my opinion, this is actually the healthy and positive way to move on. Just remember, allowing that person or situation to win by lowering yourself is hurting you in the long term. So, either suffer or spin the table the other way round.

I don’t mean hurting them and you win, but both parties that can benefit from this situation. So, make a role model your best friend as it will allow you to be in a better situation and have positivity in the long run.

Trust me it is not easy to try this on a daily basis because often I find myself in certain situations where I try to be neutral, but the other party ends up not compromising or work with you.

So, sometimes you just have to:-

· Toughen up

· Fight hard

· Be heard

· Self-belief

· Be confidence

Although, it may mean walking away or unintentionally hurting them. For example, leaving a really well-paid job due to discrimination.

In life, you are given a situation or a person for a reason.

Open yourself to learning something new

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This can be a blessing because you never know what you are learning from that situation, as it can be:-

· Teaching you something important

· Gaining new skills/experiences

· Being an expert

You may not realise this, but you unconsciously decide how much you let the situation affect you. Re-evaluate the situation, have control and decide how much energy you want to spend, so it is not affecting you holistically or a burden on you.

How to Rise to the challenge?

Many women that we meet in life, have found themselves feeling:-

· Hopeless

· Negative

· Discriminated due to gender

· Alone

· Low self-esteem

· Unworthy

· Inability to make a difference

So, ‘Rise’ and Women Empowerment goes hand to hand if you actually think about it. It is about fulfilling our potential, thriving, succeed, build, grow and flourish in life. To show how amazing we are, we need women to stand by and be there for each other to feel solitary, empowered, and uplifted. Especially when I often find women who look happy and perfect on the outside, but are suffering financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This has got to stop because no one is perfect, and we are all human and should be allowed to feel all these things but without any judgements, pressure, and burden from others. Let’s start by helping one another, where together or yourselves can kick ass in life, meaning you can do anything, and no one is stopping you from doing that.

We should be encouraging others to be:-

· Courageous

· Bold

· Passion

· Take risks

· Try new things

· Not self-doubt

· Self-care

· Overcoming obstacles

Find something you are absolutely passionate about, look at your strengths, what options you have, ask for help and advice, do your own research and compile it down to one thing that will ensure your success.

This is because success can only come from within you, no one else can do it for you.

Challenging yourself to thrive and be successful, you need to put in the hard work, hours, sweat and tears.

Heal and Grow

Photo byTyler Nix o Unsplash

I feel ‘Rise’ and Women’s Empowerment also comes with healing. In life you would be experiencing with:-

· Limited beliefs

· Repetitive cycle

· Not accepting self-acceptance

· Shame

· Unhappy

· Confused

· Angry

· Upset

But, not realising what is happening to you, due to anxiety or denial. Healing out of this ‘darkness cloud’ happens when you realise it all. Depending on the situation you have faced in life, healing can take years or a few weeks/months.

With healing, you feel:-

· Unlimited beliefs

· Hope

· Self-awareness

· Self-worthy

· Boost your self-esteem

· Self-love

· Acceptance.

Letting go of the things that have hurt you for so long, is allowing you to feel lighter, clear focus, happier, mentally better, more energetic, creative, motivated, and resilient.

Better holistic health means more confidence in a challenging situation, having better and meaningful relationships, working effectively, good work and life balance, enhanced communication skills, gratification in your successes and gratefulness in life.

This is my view on ‘Rise’, I wonder what is your ‘Rise’?

This blog contribution was made by Ayesha Quraishy

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What is LMFnetwork?

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