Society and Confidence: Friends or Enemies?

Women around the world are striving each day to break stereotypes around their perceived role within the household and, broadly speaking, within society. In Southeast Asia, this battle is tougher given the patriarchal nature of the society, which is reflected in the actions and thoughts of its people.

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  1. Why spend so much on her education? It’s not like she’s going to work
  2. It would help if you focused on raising your kids. A 9–5 can wait
  3. Why do you need to work? Your husband can provide for you
  4. Working moms can never balance work and family

The first step is identification.

  • People you work with
  • Family and friends
  • People you study with
  • People in your professional network or the network itself
  • Place where you work or study
  • Are people making comments about your choice of work or area of study?
  • Are colleagues discriminating against you based on your gender?
  • Does someone close to you not approve of your field of interest?
  • Is your family preventing you from taking a work opportunity?
  • Is someone or something making you feel like you’re not good enough for the job?

Once you’ve identified the detractors and the distraction and analyzed the area of impact, what is next?

Photo on Canva

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