‘The Extrovert Ideal’ — How To Drive Inclusion and Enable Introverts to Fly Too.

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Introvert Myths

  1. All Introverts are anti-social — wrong!
  2. Introverts are shy — some are, but not all
  3. Extroverts make the best leaders — not necessarily
  4. There is zero correlation between the best talkers and the best ideas

6 Ideas for action for leaders, people managers and the wider workforce.

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  1. Let’s not forget the power of alone time. Group work is not always the answer to solving business problems. By allowing people to independently generate ideas and come back together to discuss them, we can minimise ‘group think’ and enable all ideas to bubble to the surface.
  2. For those running a meeting, prepare yourself by firstly ensuring that a meeting is actually required. We all know that meeting could have been an email. If the meeting is necessary, set up the agenda topics in the format of questions to enable all participants, particularly Introverts, to prepare their talking points in advance.
  3. Don’t make introverts feel guilty about wanting to go off by themselves sometimes. I’ve certainly seen improvements in office design in the past 5 years, with private nooks set up to enable 1 person or small group discussions away from the gaze of others. However, if we don’t change perception and societal biases favouring Extroverts, the guilt will be intense for those who need time to recharge at various points in the day.
  4. When we return to in-person meetings and conferences, let’s think about how we can set them up to include silence, quieter time, room for independent thinking and time to refuel in the breaks and lunch period.
  5. One of my favourite tips shared by Susan Cain is to designate a ‘Yoda’ role to ‘read the room’, picking up on what’s working well and what needs to change.
  6. If you are an Extrovert leader or colleague, how can you champion the Introverts you work with?

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