Do you want the philosophical or practical answer?

Simply put, we exist because we didn’t belong. We exist to create spaces where you can show up as your full self and belong. We exist to enable, educate and empower you with life skills for future success. We exist because you asked us to.

What is the LMFnetwork?

The LMFnetwork is a global social enterprise (not for profit) focused on empowering, enabling & educating womxn and marginalised groups into tech, entrepreneurship & digital. We specialise in designing and delivering an accessible programmes and supporting a a global community. We’ve gone from a brunch club to a social good brand based on what the community wanted. We are a real community run by real people.

Since launching in May 2018, the network has facilitated 200+ workshops globally, upskilled 5000+ people, nominated for 3 national awards and engaged with over 35,000 online. With it’s roots firmly in London, we now have our first international chapter in Toronto, Canada and are launching our first university society with Queens University, Canada.

What do we offer?

  1. Global mentoring programme — a comprehensive 6 month multimedia programme to provide supportive relationships, opportunities and tools to achieve one’s career goals. Covering topics from goal setting, personal branding to CV & interview skills and public speaking. Why? Because through the mentoring programme, we are breaking open the conversations around career progression and promotion; matching companies with great industry talent and supporting professionals to upskill. Our first pilot has a 98% success rate!

Who have we worked with?

Here’s a few of our partners or clients.

Others include : Capgemini, Catalyst, Hatch Enterprise, YSYS, Le Wagon

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How can you work with us?

  1. Volunteer or intern — We are 100% led and managed by volunteers who want to progress #socialgood and #socialmobility.

How can you keep in touch?

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Who is this written by?

sonya barlow — Founder and CEO of LMFnetwork — Award winning Entrepreneur and Diversity Coach.

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Bridging the skills gap and changing the narrative of inclusion! Global social enterprise and not for profit. 30K + Following; Community, Mentoring + Workshops!

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