Your Network Is Your Net Worth

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  1. David Savage is the award-winning Group Technology Evangelist for Nash Squared and is responsible for helping shape and share the best thoughts and insight into people and technology. He is the editor and host of Tech Talks, the long-running technology leadership podcast with 20,000 monthly streams.
  2. Jessica Williams-Chadwick, Head Cheerleader at Rock Salt Consulting Ltd, is a networker, writer, mother, connector, friend, and cheerleader that helps women be more visible online. Her career has taken a few squiggly™️ turns, via TEFL teaching, proofreading, writing, editing and marketing, to end up in content creation strategy.
  3. Lou Nylander is the Founder of Wildflowers of London, a social enterprise focused on empowering women. She has fifteen years of B2B digital marketing experience and has launched her marketing consultancy dedicated to supporting founders and entrepreneurs.

What is a network?

Your network can help you gain employment, get experience or new clients.

  • What do your skills say about the type of work that fits?
  • Are there any values or personality traits that would be better suited for this position than others?
  • How does this role fit into your life as a whole?
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A community can be found online or in person.

  • I’ve noticed you did ‘x’. Can we meet for a coffee to discuss how you did this?
  • I saw your speech on ‘x’. Your point on ‘x’ really stuck in my mind; could you tell me more about this?
  • I really enjoyed our conversation about ‘x’ the other day. I would love to talk more over a coffee; I’m keen to pick your brain more on ‘x’
  • Can I join the conversation? (This is my go-to at networking events, especially when I want to speak to someone who is constantly engaged in other conversations during events)

Connections should be mutually beneficial.

LMF’s LinkedIn Guide:

People need connections to thrive, yet many have difficulty connecting in a meaningful way. You can build your network by thinking about the 5 C’s: content, career, community, connections and being consistent.

How can you keep in touch?

What is LMF Network?



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